Lead Generation Programs Should Produce Opportunity Rich Meetings for Sales Teams

Tech innovators focused on selling products and/or services to enterprise businesses and other large groups of users in the public sector should establish metrics to gauge the value delivered from lead generation programs. We think that recording the number of meetings with decision makers at targeted prospects who are in the market for relevant products and services is a useful metric for this activity. Of course, other objectives — for example, collecting the opinions of a market segment about pressing short term, or long term needs in a specific market place — will require different results for a determination of the actual value delivered from a lead generation program. Nevertheless, if driving sales is the overall objective of an investment in a lead generation program, then counting the number of meetings that match the above noted criteria makes a lot of sense.

In fact, there is little, if any reason to pay for anything less than these types of meetings. Paying for names and contact information for leads that are at an earlier stage of maturity; for example, without any identified needs or decision makers, will require sales personnel to assume the burden of lead development. We don’t think that sales personnel have the requisite skills required to nurture leads through the maturation process; therefore, otherwise promising opportunities may, in fact, result in a dead end that could be avoided had lead generation efforts finished their job.

Our lead generation efforts, therefore, deliver substantial value to our clients. The leads they receive are contacts within prospect businesses who have been completely verified as decision makers. Further, we have completely verified that prospects are in the market, at the point in time when we deliver leads, to purchase products and/or solutions that broadly approximate our client offerings. Finally, each lead is willing to meet with our client as a potential supplier for the sought after solution.

Sales personnel are free to pursue other promising opportunities while we undertake the nurturing required to manage a lead through a maturity cycle. The revenue they can, therefore, deliver while we handle lead generation in some cases exceeds the cost of our service. In these instances our offering is, indeed, a “gift that keeps on giving.”

We share the same method of establishing that a lead fits acceptance criteria with our clients to ensure that all parties are operating on the same principles. For example, we provide daily activity reports on all leads. These activity reports include a score for each lead. With leads scored our clients can determine likely lead pipeline volume as well as the amount of time that will be required to deliver a targeted volume of leads.

If you are in the market for the type of leads that we have described, then we would certainly like to speak with you. We offer monthly and annual plans. Please call Ira Michael Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion. You may also email Mike at imblonder@imbenterprises.com.

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