Leverage Priority-Centric Selling to Meet Sales Objectives

Priority-centric selling is a method of structuring sales activity around two key variables:

  1. the value of a prospect or customer to the sales and marketing plan and
  2. the stage in the sales cycle represented by a planned activity

With regards to the first of these variables, a prospect profile ought to be at hand. Prospects should be ranked hierarchically from highest value to lowest, generally on a four or five point scale. A usual rule of thumb positions the highest value prospects as those prospects who promise very high rates of repetitive purchases, should a product be implemented as a corporate standard. Further, high value prospects typically have a centralized IT group with the authority to dictate application and systems for specific business functions. High value sales staff are those individuals with the ability to identify opportunities that meet these two criteria along with the contacts within the business with the authority to request that a specific product of service be purchased for a known application.

The recent economic downturn here in the United States, together with a pervasive failure of IT products and solutions to deliver as expected and, in some unfortunate cases, as promised, have contributed to the construction of a wall between high value prospects and marketers. It must also be noted that the pervasive access to enormous amounts of potentially relevant online information has added some very strong cement into this wall the construction of this wall. The effect of all of this is a general consensus that high value prospects pop up much later in a lead generation timeline, generally to collect prices and place orders with solutions already clearly delineated. We are not entirely convinced that this general consensus is the case, but it is not the objective of this post to discuss our alternative view; rather, we simply wish to present some basic tenets of prioritizing sales activity.

With regards to the second of the above noted variables, specifically an assessment of the stage in a sales cycle that corresponds to a planned interaction with a prospect, we think it makes sense to have more experienced sales staff handling early stage engagement with prospects to ensure that a correct assessment of value is established as early as possible within the process, thereby keeping wasted effort and lost time to the barest possible minimum.

We will be happy to elaborate on the above; therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific plan, staff and managing lead assessment and ranking. Please call Ira Michael Blonder at +1 631-673-2929. You may also email Mike at imblonder@imbenterprises.com

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