On the unique promise of global business customers for IT sales

Global business prospects can deliver substantial revenue opportunities to innovative businesses marketing IT products and solutions. Two of may favorite opportunities are to be found in the role of IT computing standards within global businesses and the mission of Information Technology (IT/MIS) within some businesses. For reasons like these two, the amount of work required to come up with meaningful, leads to IT sales for global business prospects is worth the effort.

On the role of IT Computing Standards
Establishing and exercising governance, meaning the power ceded to an “authority silo” within a global business, is essential to profitable day to day business operation. Governance is regularly applied with specific regard to operating methods. Case in point, how “thou shalt” embark on remote communications with computing resources at business headquarters. Allowing ad hoc remote computing methods, unauthorized and untested is not only inefficient, but very dangerous in the current climate of public data communication networks and the plethora of services undertaken upon them.

Generally speaking governance over computing is “bequeathed” to IT or MIS. With governance at the ready, IT and MIS within global business have the authority to require compliance with specific computing standards. In that authority lies a tremendously attractive opportunity for the companies with the winning products chosen for specific computing methods, whether the just mentioned remote computing requirement or any other enterprise wide set of procedures. Simply reflect on the number of employees at specific global businesses. Some employ in excess of 100K people, of which 10K, 20K or more may be required to engage with a specific computing method. The revenue impact of landing an account with an “instant on” button for 20K seats can be great indeed.

On the mission of IT/MIS for some global businesses
For some global businesses, IT/MIS departments function as an internal systems integration resource. Literally, IT/MIS within these organizations takes on very similar characteristics to reseller businesses. Therefore, it is imperative that these IT or MIS internal resources be approached properly. For example, and conversations with parties within the same business who have expressed interest in offered products and solutions should be referred back to IT or MIS, much as the case would be where reseller or channel relationships are in place. By no means should reseller partners be “stacked” upon an internal IT or MIS organization already playing the same role for a business.

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