Prospects for selling enterprise software for 2012 brighten up, but present day peculiarities stay the same

From a quarterly report recently released from a core provider of enterprise software for the enterprise business market, Oracle Corporation, it appears that 2012 will be a better year for enterprise software sales than we had expected. When Oracle’s results are combined with recent press about Microsoft Office 365 and the readiness of SMBs to jump on the subscription band wagon of this cloud offering, it appears that business confidence has brightened, across the board. We have good first hand experience that supports this view.

Nevertheless, the characteristics of business customers placing orders in 2012 are still very much the same: perhaps as a direct result of an ability that is ever growing easier, to access, online, substantial amounts of information on just about any topic one can think of, business buyers are unilaterally researching purchases without the involvement of sales staff. We think this phenomenon is more the result of an information heavy Internet than it is the result of a new class of parsimonious buyers (remember that in earlier posts to this blog we talked up Alinean’s Frugal Buyer, but understand that now we no longer see things that way). We do not see this trend going away any time soon.

Therefore, we think it makes total sense to focus marketing communications efforts specifically on optimizing whatever methods are at hand for valuable online promotion of products and/or services. Social media venues certainly fall into the category of potentially useful methods of optimizing prospect engagement along with the visibility of products and services. Finally, we take the position that online product and/or service promotion is valuable when it produces bonafide sales leads. As we have written elsewhere on this blog, bonafide sales leads are inquiries or opportunities to engage with prospects about specific needs that can be satisfied, at some point, by your product or service.

What we like about social media, and blogs in particular, is the ability to concentrate online methods purely around content creation. With genuinely useful blog posts crafted around topics of interest and popular, relevant keywords a method is at hand to prompt prospect to pursue engagement directly within their above mentioned unilateral effort to collect research.

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