The ever elusive right thing and enterprise sales methods

A recent cliche goes like this, “make sure you do the right thing rather than doing things right.” The point of this cliche, as we understand it, is that lots of hard work (“doing things right”) will not necessarily pay off. Rather, figuring out how to do “the right thing”, which amounts to taking the time required to master methods that have been proven, conclusively, to successfully deliver objectives, makes much more sense. Further, mastering these methods may not require all that hard work anyways, so let’s take a collective breath and ease up a bit.

When this cliche is applied to enterprise sales we can understand the usual popularity of sales training leaders as well as the products they market, meaning their books, videos, seminars, etc. In our experience enterprise sales is a challenging activity. Accordingly, we can understand why enterprise sales professionals are always on the look out for some new set of selling methods, a toolbox, as it were, with a very powerful screwdriver that will open any boxed up prospect opportunity.

But we question the usefulness of an ever present attention (that can border upon an obsession) to the latest sales techniques to “hit the market.” Does it really make sense to incorporate yet another method into our engagements with enterprise prospects?

We don’t think so. In sum, we don’t think that the amount of attention spent on continuous sales training is warranted. Further, we have complete faith in the usefulness of hard work. Perhaps the hard work amounts to spending the time required in advance to carefully research and identify contacts who may directly impact on decisions about our products, meaning individuals directly involved with specific business applications at higher probability prospects, rather than carpet bombing, with cold calls, long lists of contacts who are only peripherally involved with relevant enterprise operations.

The hard work may also amount to engaging in correctly timed face-to-face sales calls with contacts rather than relying, entirely, on the telephone as the sales engagement medium. Much can be learned from observing body language during an in person visit that cannot be observed during a telephone conversation, even with the use of a video camera. Nevertheless, the effort required for these activities constitutes hard work, no matter how one considers it.

There is another, older cliche that we think bears some consideration on this topic: “necessity is the mother of invention.” We are eternally optimistic that enterprise sales personnel who, for one reason or another must succeed, will find a way through to their objective. As to which compass they end up using to find the path, well, we do not find much value in that information.

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