The Imperative of a Value Proposition for Enterprise IT Sales

Perhaps more than ever before, it is an absolute imperative for IT sales teams focused on enterprise class business customers and large groups of users in the public sector to structure sales offers around value. Further, value can no longer be the amorphous entity of the past, which was coupled specifically to user “benefits”. These benefits were rarely, if ever quantified. On the few occasions where benefits were quantified, the costs were general in nature; therefore, it was next to impossible for the average IT sales engagement with enterprise class prospects to specifically include hard costs in the discussion.

A close look at most of the big deals that have ever been won for this type of product and market since the mid 1980s reveals that hard dollar cost value has always been at the root of these deals. The fact is that enterprise class businesses make purchase decisions on products that will save on the cost of maintaining operations at high levels of performance. Few, if any enterprise buyers will object to maintaining operations at targeted levels, albeit at substantial lower cost. Winning sales teams will quantify the cost savings represented by any additional functionality implicit to new IT systems to ensure the inevitability of a customer order for products or services.

Therefore, it is entirely safe to say that sales teams must be trained and directed to develop conversations, face to face interactions, etc with enterprise class prospects to capture the information required to determine present day hard costs of operations as well as any initiative on the part of prospects to lower costs. There is little, if any leisure time left to coast along with this class of enterprise buyer.

Innovative early stage technology vendors will save substantial cost by purchasing the services they require right now to ensure that sales teams have been properly directed to deliver sales in the type of value intensive environment constituted by enterprise class business prospects. These substantial costs can amount to lost opportunities as the result of poorly trained sales teams failing to work with prospects in a manner that will produce the information required of prospects in the areas of hard costs, along with an identification of budget/program owners who need to make a decision to lower those same hard costs.

We don’t see how innovative technology vendors can waste time training sales teams. IMB Enterprises, Inc can train sales teams to redirect efforts strictly around value. Please call me, Ira Michael Blonder, IMB Enterprises, Inc at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion.

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