The Profile of a Likely Successful Sales Person for Software has Evolved Substantially Over the Last Few Years

The profile of the type of sales person who will likely be successful selling software products, services and solutions to enterprise class businesses has evolved, substantially, over the last few years. In our opinion, sales people who are:

  • much better listeners than their peers
  • capable of facilitating decisions on the part of their customers
  • comfortable with the telephone as a primary engagement method for prospects and customers
  • able to exercise leadership, appropriately, via webinars, conference calls, and even conference and/or seminar appearances

bring to a selling opportunity the right combination of attributes to succeed in today’s enterprise market. Of course, three other components:

  • a substantial address book
  • technical skills
  • and, finally, a strong interest in money and a drive to make more of it

must be evident, as well, but these three final characteristics have always been the case, even when outside selling skills were of prime importance to sales success.

Missing from this profile is the type of dogged, obsessive, focus on countering prospect objections that was a very important feature of past profiles of likely successful sales personnel. Also not to be found is a penchant for assuming the position of an authority when engaging with prospects and customers. The days of the old “Feel, Felt, Found” approach to convincing prospects to move forward on a purchase are, here in 2012, long gone. The very long sales cycles that have become the norm for big ticket enterprise IT software sales, where decision-makers change, and even a process whereby decisions can becomfortably made are elusive, are no longer friendly turf for sales people selling snake oil. In 2012, prospects need to make their own purchase decisions, especially where a purchase must be made with a substantial financial impact on budgets and future planning.

It is precisely with regard to the complexity of decision-making and the various roles that will, ultimately, impact on final decisions, that the importance of facilitation should become clear within the profile of a successful sales person for these IT software products in 2012. In our experience, the ability to facilitate movement in others is very closely related to an ability to listen carefully to other people while engaged in a conversation. We think that successful enterprise IT ISVs will do well to choose sales staff carefully, based upon whether the individuals under consideration possess these skills, or not.

If your organization is on the lookout for top potential sales staff, but lack the internal resources to properly recruit these individuals, please consider contacting us. IMB Enterprises, Inc. maintains a strong interest in providing recruiting services to the enterprise IT ISV community. While we are not presently active with this type of requirement, we have considerable past successful experience in this area. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

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