A Business Plan Provides an Enterprise IT ISV with an Important Reality Check

Most entrepeneurs understand the value of a business plan. For example, anyone who has ever availed of the free-of-charge advisory services offered by SCORE has had to deal with the question: “Let’s have a look at your business plan”. In turn, the United States Small Business Administration and other financing entities strictly require that any funding application include a copy of a business plan.

But for many businesses, including a proportionate number of very early stage enterprise IT ISVs, producing a comprehensive business plan that accurately reflects each feature of a business concept is a monumental task that somehow “just doesn’t get done”. This reality is, in fact, a shame, as an oversight like neglecting to complete a formal business plan can prove to be a life threatening matter for a business.

In fact, a business plan constitutes a highly useful reality check for the business, especially for one that is built on technology innovation. For example, where a tech start up is otherwise weak with regards to marketing and sales, a well put together business plan that talks to these two essential topics in a plausible manner can be convincing and useful. Of course, if the sections of a business plan devoted to

  • a presentation of a market,
  • to the depiction of planned products/services/integrated solutions and, finally,
  • to the method by which a business will generate revenue through sales of the products into the market

are to be believed, then the historical performance of the business must bear out the points of the plan. In fact, it is easier to follow a plan that is objectively found to make sense, and promising, without key marketing and sales staff than it is to proceed aimlessly with marketing and sales personnel who seem to have the “right” skills and experience set, but still fail to deliver required results. The difference, of course, amounts to the fact that the company without staff that, nevertheless, still hits its numbers is operating under a plan, whereas the company with staff, but performing poorly neither has a plan, nor understands the importance of operating from points that must be formalized in a plan prior to activation.

Bear in mind that by plan we are referring to the document that we have described, which formalizes the features of a business. Further, this plan has been reviewed by a number of different parties who, in a consensus, have agreed that its features are plausible and ought to be activated.

If you understand the importance of a formal business plan, but lack the internal resources to either contribute the features required, or to produce a well written formal document that conforms to the style conventions required byt the individuals to whom you intent to present it, then you should contract with a third party to get the job done.

IMB Enterprises, Inc. brings considerable experience to this type of requirement. Our retained services (3 mos minimum) start at $3200.00 per month. Please contact us to learn further. You can call Ira Michael Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion about our services plan. You may also email Ira at imblonder@imbenterprises.com.

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