Selling Enterprise IT Software Without a Marketing Plan is Like Looking for an Outfit in a Very Cluttered Dark Closet

Depending on the size of one’s closet, and the amount of clothing to be found in it and, finally, the manner in which the clothes are organized, it can be very difficult, if not impossible to find an outfit when the lights are out and it is not possible to illuminate the closet. Of course, once the lights are back on, it may be only a matter of a couple of minutes between deciding on an outfit for a day and actually finding the jacket, slacks, shoes and tie that match. Therefore, it is safe to say that light goes a long way to hasten the process of locating items in a cramped, very, very busy closet full of clothing.

Selling products/services/integrated solutions into the complex market that operates on enterprise IT software is very much akin to finding an outfit in the busy closet that we just described. Top ranked sales people, with exceptional backgrounds closing large ticket sales, can still prove to be completely ineffective in these markets. Sales forecasts can prove to be useless predictions that are rarely, if ever achieved. The missing piece, for better or worse, is a lack of a clear marketing plan for

  1. the business
  2. products
  3. and how to promote 1) and 2) to the enterprise IT market

In fact, a plausible marketing plan functions much like a brilliantly bright halogen lamp with a diffuse, wide beam that successfully illuminates every cranny of the closet mentioned in our analogy. We cannot overstate the importance of the fact that the plan must be plausible. The best way that we know of ascertaining the plausibility of the plan is to circulate a formal document to a group of carefully picked individuals who can provide the opinions required to ascertain that the plan is, in fact, realistic and workable. Therefore, we counsel entrepeneurs contemplating starting a business to make sure that a circle of confidants is in place who can keep a business effort on track with their opinions prior to launching a venture. In fact, the best way to put together this circle of reviewers is to form a board of directors, which is, traditionally, the manner in which businesses have been organized in the past.

The sum total of a marketing plan that has been vetted by a board of directors, and a capable sales team can, in fact, be promising for a business venture. If you understand the importance of both of these components, think that you have an excellent business concept, but neither have the personal connections required to assemble a useful board of directors, nor the resources to produce a formal marketing plan, then you should contract with a third party to get the job done.

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