Does Google face a difficult internal challenge as it addresses the enterprise computing market with products?

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to Google for work improving its success in the enterprise computing market is Google’s approach to marketing communications. Where are the blogs? Is there an easy-to-find repository full of the kind of promotional information enterprise tech Read more ›

Simpler Branding May Drive Higher Levels of User Adoption for Microsoft’s Office 365 Business Productivity Cloud SaaS

For most business users, Microsoft’s Office suite is a familiar set of computer tools. But some of this familiarity is associated with a hybrid “feature rich” and “hard to use” brand. Simplifying this branding, by turning down the “hard to Read more ›

A Contrarian’s View of Microsoft’s Announced Plan to Acquire the Mobile Handset Business from Nokia

We all awoke yesterday, Tuesday, September 3, 2013 to the news Microsoft® plans on acquiring the mobile handset business from Nokia. Nokia, in turn, announced its acceptance of Microsoft’s offer. We think this $7 billion planned acquisition will provide Microsoft Read more ›

When Commodities are Cloaked in High Tech, Buyers Can Fail to Recognize True Innovation

Advanced manufacturing techniques help competitors in commodity markets lower their cost of production. Creative product marketing teams can portray these techniques as true innovation, and thereby cloak the real mainstream nature of products from buyers. When this happens, competitors with Read more ›