Rank sales leads by value while tracking position in your lead maturity cycle to obtain a realistic picture of opportunities

We use a lead ranking system built on: Lead Value and Lead Maturity, meaning the position of a lead in a specific lead maturity cycle We implement our lead ranking system to provide clients with a realistic picture of sales Read more ›

Tech Innovators with Resources Ought to Maintain Tactical and Strategic Sales and Marketing Efforts Simultaneously

New businesses with technology products targeted to larger business and public sector prospects do well to support strategic and tactical sales and marketing efforts simultaneously. The inclination is to over emphasize one or the other set of activities. Some of Read more ›

Changing the Wheels on the Bus at 60 MPH Maybe Dangerous–Better Park and Take Your Time

In June of 2011 Forbes Magazine published a short article by Bill Fischer on the website: Ready, Fire, Aim!. Bill notes a familiar malady that infects many entrepeneurs starting new businesses, namely, a near compulsion to “move fast, seize Read more ›