Participants in Project Planning Usually Maintain a Need to Know Policy About Technology Options

Participants in technology project planning usually maintain a “need to know” policy about options. There are few enterprise class businesses, or comparably staffed organizations in either the public or not-for-profit sectors that will be satisfied, in 2013 with any technology Read more ›

Contacts Must be Regularly Removed from Enterprise IT Software Lead Lists to Maintain a Courteous Rapport with Market Place Participants

So-called opt-in email programs are frequently abused by clumsy marketing communications teams. These teams, often working on behalf of enterprise IT software ISVs, abuse the privilege of regularly communicating with specific recipients by inundating them with high frequency email messages. Read more ›

Marketing Lead Generation Programs for Enterprise IT Software Need to be Tightly Coordinated If Best Results are to be Gained

Lead generation programs for enterprise IT software, for example, a campaign to set appointments for product marketing and/or sales to speak with prospects, need to be carefully coordinated if top results are to be achieved. It is important to keep Read more ›

Mapping Prospect Opportunities by Account is Sales Lead Development Activity 101

Account mapping is an essential activity for sales personnel marketing IT products to enterprise business customers. Too often, sales personnel simply speak with one or two contacts (almost always from an IT organization) and render a ranking opinion as to Read more ›

Injecting Brand Strategy into TeleProspecting Activity

Over the last several years we’ve worked with tech innovators who have eschewed traditional marketing communications activities as the result of a larger business effort to operate under the radar. We’ve treated the rational for pursuing this larger business effort Read more ›

Four IT Sales Fundamentals that Work for Selling Any Products Targeted to Global Business

Despite current market conditions some IT sales fundamentals must be utilized. Therefore, it is worthwhile to recap some features of these fundamentals. These “must have” techniques should underpin other, mutable strategies. At the core of these fundamentals are four important Read more ›