Look to Teleprospecting for a Superior Business to Business Lead Generation Program

Useful Sales leads are food for any business, nutrient rich supplements that promise to enrich cash flow and sales staff alike. But what constitutes “useful” with regard to leads? Leads are useful when they include information that can be used Read more ›

Unique Dynamics of “Cold Call” Prospecting Telephone Sales Calls

Most sales people have a pavlovian reaction to “cold call” telephone sales — quick glances from left to right (anywhere but straight eye to eye contact) and a determined effort to vacate the premises. The fact is that “cold call” Read more ›

Use Just a Pinch of Commodity Sell to Rev Up Direct Marketing for Products Still Under the Radar

The “commodity sell” is, generally, anathema for the complex sale. Nevertheless, for clients of mine with products that operate “under the radar,” just a bit of “commodity sell” does the trick to drive the performance of direct marketing (essentially a Read more ›

What a Pair! Elusive Decision Makers and Ambiguous Needs–Welcome to the World of Complex Sales

Sure, it’s very hard to motivate a sales operation without buyers, and even harder when the reasons buyers cannot be found can be attributed to ambiguous needs and ambivalent interest in complex solutions. Nevertheless, sales must be made. Buyers, like Read more ›

Best Practices: Outbound Teleprospecting for Complex Products for Enterprise Business

As I have written earlier in this blog, a teleprospecting campaign can yield substantial results for sales of complex products targeted at enterprise business prospects. These substantial results can amount to high quality sales leads, depending on how successfully the Read more ›

Use Teleprospecting to Build Targeted Leads

Direct Marketing and, specifically, “teleprospecting” adds substantial value to sales for complex products targeted at enterprise customers. “Teleprospecting” is a new buzz word with a definition in flux. You can observe some of the ambiguity of the definition of this Read more ›

Using Telemarketing to develop Leads for Complex Sales

Businesses selling complex intangible products and services typically steer clear of mass market advertising campaigns for sales leads. This strategy makes good logical sense when one considers the fact that intangibles have subjective value contingent on specific situations; for example, Read more ›