Enterprise Business Displays a Strong Appetite for Enterprise Mobile Management Applications

During a webcast titled The Impact of BYOD, which was led by David A. Willis, VP Distinguished Analyst of Gartner®, Gartner published data reflecting the results of a statistically representative survey of enterprise businesses. Eighty seven (87) percent of respondents indicated their intention to invest in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

Certainly 87% is an important statistic. Mr. Willis identified several drivers for this collective appetite. The center of these being security issues (76% of respondents indicated “Security Issues” as a major impediment to MDM adoption). It is worth pointing to a second major obstacle, “Additional Support Complexity”, which attracted almost a matching number of respondents (73%). As Mr. Willis noted, complexity is an almost unavoidable result of implementing a BYOD policy for an enterprise. With security and complexity as powerful drivers, if Gartner’s data can be assumed to be accurate, a clear majority of enterprise business CIOs are evidently spending some sleepless nights grappling with how best to manage BYOD.

The market, as Mr. Willis also noted, is very contentious. There is no lack of solutions. But, despite the large number of players in the space, there is certainly room for ISVs to profit from the business. Truly useful MDM and EMM solutions are not mere commodities — at least not yet.

Mr. Willis announced Gartner’s plan to publish a Magic Quadrant on the MDM and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) sometime during Q2 2014. The ISVs fortunate enough to have a spot in the Quadrant, and, better yet, those in the familiar upper left “Leaders” square, stand to benefit. Mr. Willis mentioned IBM as a contender in this market. I, myself, would add Blackberry to the list.

But will Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) be included in the Quadrant? Or does Blackberry have another application, one better suited to meet the functional requirements of a true EMM solution (Mr. Willis explained why EMM solutions look more likely to magnetize the interest of enterprise consumers than their MDM counterparts) for Gartner’s review? Unfortunately, there is scant information on this topic.

In my opinion John C. Chen’s plan to transform Blackberry into an ISV providing MDM/EMM solutions, if it is to produce any positive results in the near future, would certainly receive a major boost should Gartner include a Blackberry solution in the Quadrant.

Disclaimer: I’m long Blackberry. I do not have a present position with IBM. I have no affiliation with Gartner®.

Ira Michael Blonder

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