Use Virtual Computing Environments, Like CloudShare, to Hasten Application Development for Line of Business (LoB) Units

Satisfying the needs of Line of Business (LoB) units for otherwise non standard computing systems can be problematic for a 2013 central IT organization. IT resources are usually very limited. LoBs often request otherwise non standard systems, which may pose a security threat for on premises computing systems. Few people, if any, within an organization have the time to carefully test systems prior to implementation. But the needs of LoBs are often urgent. Resources are, therefore, required to meet these needs.

A subscription to a multi-tenant, virtual computing environment can be used to satisfy a lot of this kind of requirement. CloudShare is an example of this type of service. An important benefit of this type of subscription is the opportunity it provides to a central IT organization to approve non standard systems development for LoBs, but off site and isolated from any/all production servers, where it belongs.

LoBs often have product responsibility. For businesses marketing technology, these products may amount to the type of non standard systems we are discussing. CloudShare offers an enterprise subscription plan with a lot of features specifically designed to allow a central IT organization to migrate product demonstrations, customer demonstrations, etc, off premises without a requirement for a lot of human interaction. As long as LoBs can find the systems they require within the extensive list of pre-assembled computing components, then environments can be rapidly built without a lot of human intervention.

Of course there is an equally attractive cost benefit implicit to using this type of subscription to handle non standard systems requirements. Any/all hardware infrastructure, operating systems, etc., are provided via the subscription, and not through local procurement. This last feature will be important for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) testing applications across a variety of operating systems environments. It makes more sense to test compatibility in a temporary environment, like the subscription we’ve discussed in this post.

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