Businesses Looking to Improve DevOps Teamwork Should Implement Elastic Resources Like CloudShare

One unfortunate result of the shift in business computing from PCs to small, smart, mobile devices (SSMDs) is an unproductive relationship between computing operations (the IT department) and Line of Business (LoB) units. Usually it’s the LoBs who develop a burning need for new applications for SSMDs. Operations rarely has the time to satisfy these needs. Even worse, the IT department may have serious concerns about the security of these applications. Limited on premises computing infrastructure, or at least a policy calling for reduction in this hardware, also constrains LoBs, who may have perfectly legitimate reasons for their urgency.

If you can relate with the business computing scenario I’ve just sketched, you should consider a service like CloudShare. A service like CloudShare presents three powerful features businesses needing to make greater use of SSMDs, and the new applications required to communicate with them, require to restore a lot of lost productivity:

  1. Development environments can be rapidly built, and as rapidly torn down, once application development has been successfully completed, with no need whatsoever to add internal infrastructure
  2. Development can be handled off of the internal network, thereby insulating on premises computing systems from potentially risky application development for SSMDs
  3. IT organizations aren’t burdened with systems administration requirements when the systems needed are running in the cloud with CloudShare

It certainly makes a lot of business sense for organizations to empower LoBs to develop their own applications. The effectiveness of these applications is a critical factor impacting on return on investment (ROI). LoBs have a much clearer understanding of what applications need to deliver, so they are best positioned to deliver truly effective applications for their own needs. If policy permits these groups to secure the competencies they require for these applications through a temporary services operation, then the best computing environment for these consulting resources is a service like CloudShare.

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