Complement TeleProspecting Lead Generation with Online Sales and Marketing to Hasten Global Business Opportunities

We presently hold the opinion that online sales and marketing are no longer a detriment for innovative businesses looking to sell complex products to global customers and other large organizations. This evolution for a set of media that led many a technology innovator down a “primrose path” to commoditization is entirely positive. In part, the act of transforming interactive media into something useful can be attributed to global business buyers who are demonstrating a new attitude in fiscal 2012. Others have pointed out this new pervasive buyer attitude, most notably the folks at Alinean. They have posited that 2012 looks to be a year of frugalnomics for global business buyers.

Alinean defines frugalnomics as “an environment where buyers demand quantification of benefits, significant ROI, fast payback and superior value from each purchase.” In our opinion the information gathering stage within the hunt for these value rich products will transpire online. Global business buyers will troll websites to glean as much information as they can in preparation for any dialogue that might be warranted with sales people. In other words, global business buyers in 2012 look likely to identify:

  • the solutions that make sense
  • implementation plans for these solutions
  • and, finally, components of these solutions

prior to engaging with any sales people.

Therefore, it behooves technology innovators to include as much meaningful content about product value propositions online in websites, or web 2.0 vehicles (Twitter, FaceBook and Google+) as possible. But these venues should be carefully crafted to communicate value without:

  • a disclosure of competitive advantage to business rivals
  • or a failure to gain a commitment to at least share contact information from global business buyers

The challenge for marketers will be to successfully cross these two lines. For those who will succeed at this challenge, the volume of useful business leads will increase and, therefore, business should be easier (whatever that means). When more leads are fed into a direct marketing machine highlighting teleprospecting techniques, the return on investment should be very attractive.

The specifics of how to position information online will, of course, require ongoing management. It will be necessary to balance so-called “on page” optimization of editorial content with “off page” link building and the rest of the task of infusing sites, etc, with the qualities of authoritative online resources.

We are presently working with clients looking to optimize an online message for complex products and services. We are utilizing some feature rich technology that provides us with a panaromic view of online performance. Therefore, we will welcome opportunities to discuss specific needs that may be at hand for your business or your business plans. Please call Ira Michael Blonder directly at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion.

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