Establish Specific Qualifiers for Successful Lead Generation for Complex IT Product Sales to Global Businesses

Lots of interest has arisen over the last year in ranking lead quality. This interest makes total sense when one considers that chasing leads that do not pass review of requested criteria is an enormous time drain that, ultimately, can sink a business. Therefore plan on spending lots of time crafting a set of qualifiers for high quality, useful sales leads.

Lead generation resources, whether telemarketers, teleprospectors, copywriters drafing advertising copy, etc, should all be educated in the list of required qualifications. Further, these resources need to be informed that their performance will be measured based upon lead ranking. Once all parties involved have been informed of the need to rank lead quality and empowered with the qualifiers themselves, then a powerful management tool will be in place to ensure that the right quality leads will be generated and a sales process can be put into motion.

Of course the exercise of compiling a specific list of qualifiers is, in itself educational. This exercise will contribute to the quality of the sales and marketing sections of a business plan. Further, a picture of market, prospects and contacts will emerge to help define buyer demographics.

For products requiring complex selling strategies, building a working mechanism to rank leads makes even greater sense. Complex sales generally evolve over time, numerous interactions with a range of contacts at global business prospects, and constant refinement of the buyer requirements at the bottom of purchase decisions. With a fully detailed lead ranking system in place, marketers of complex products for a global business marketplace can progressively navigate a sales process, over time, with a comparatively higher close ratio.

Above all, qualifiers should provide a detailed picture of what constitutes a decision maker within prospect businesses for complex products. To an extent a pattern of “serial” meetings with false decision makers can be tolerated, but patience will run thin; therefore, it is advised to carefully and thoroughly describe the type of healthy decision making process you are after before your lead generation resources start producing leads. It should be stated that it is not possible to be “too picky” with regards to your lead ranking system for complex sales.

We have considerable recent experience producing useful leads for complex sales to global business. Please telephone us at +1 631-673-2929 to discuss your products and needs. We are particularly interested in technology products–software or hardware–as most of our experience has been garnered from working with software and computer hardware manufacturers.

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