Social Media should be Used to Engage with Market Participants, settling for Anything Else is a Mistake

Building a presence on Facebook, Twitter, or even through a corporate blog has no other purpose as we see it (and strictly from a business perspective) than to create opportunities to engage with market participants. We have lots of recent experience with Facebook and Twitter as public venues that, if ineffectively managed, will not produced the two way communication that ought to be the objective of any social media campaign. On the other hand, properly managed social media efforts, especially those that incorporate lots of market specific editorial content can produce excellent opportunities to engage and, potentially, revenue.

We say potentially as we have little if any experience with revenue conversion from social media for our type of product:

  • Complex software products and services targeted for large groups of users, whether from enterprise business or the public sector

But the lack of revenue conversion, at this point in time, is acceptable to us. Fact is that we are hard pressed to identify just how Social Media venues could directly produce opportunities to close sales. Rather we think social media can provide our clients with precious opportunities to engage with market participants to gain valuable information about marketplace realities, including common needs, and methodologies.

The methods that we have successfully utilized to stimulate engagement include a relentless commitment to adhere to a daily production requirement of market-relevant editorial content. Further there can be nothing less than authentic about the editorial content that is produced daily. It is not unacceptable to use marketplace keywords as the basis of blog posts, tweets, etc, but the writing itself must be entirely authentic and germaine to the topic at hand.

Further, we’ve been successfully where we can quickly establish a meaningful volume of daily visits to client websites, and Twitter/Facebook/Google Plus/LinkedIn pages. We say meaningful as the numbers vary substantially from client to client. We’ve seen sites that magnetize a thousand or more visits per day produce very little opportunity to engage. Then again, we’ve seen sites that magnetize as little as 10-15 visits per day produce worthwhile engagement. It all boils down to the quality of the editorial content with particular regard to marketplace relevance.

It is difficult to achieve the level of effective engagement possible from a blog attached to a business website from Twitter/Facebook/Google Plus/LinkedIn. The latter are all public venues where the real master of ceremonies is offsite and somewhere external. It is much more promising to build a venue for engagement entirely on one’s own turf, where lots of visitor analytics can be gathered to closely monitoring what works as well as what does not work.

We welcome opportunities to elaborate on this discussion. Please call Ira Michael Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion. You may also email Mike at We will be happy to show you why you should be thinking about the Internet and Social Media to engage with your marketplace.

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