Investor Interests in Early Stage Technology Businesses Can Provide Telltale Indicators of a Product Cycle Peak

We think studying investment decisions made by venture capital firms is a useful activity. The CEOs of early stage technology businesses gain important insights into product life cycles by observing how the venture capital financing sector opts to commit its Read more ›

Microsoft Gets It Right On Two Fronts –Elastic Infrastructure and Online Meetings

On Tuesday, April 30, 2013 a couple of press releases attested to some success Microsoft® has experienced with its elastic computing infrastructure and virtualization product Windows Azure, and with Skype™. Sales for Windows Azure exceeded $1Bil. Access to Skype conferencing Read more ›

Logistics Software for Transporting Hazardous Wastes is an Example of a Niche Market based upon an Industry Component

The market for logistic software for transporting hazardous wastes is an example of a niche market arising from a heavily regulated industry. In fact, this niche market is actually the result of a number of heavily regulated industries; for example: Read more ›