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Build Social Media Marketing for My Software Company – 3 Month Commitment Required, Billed Monthly:

$1,995.00 per month per social medium (ex Twitter)

$3,595.00 per month per 2 social media (ex Twitter & LinkedIn)

Marketing & Sales Services – Option A – Billed Monthly:

Option A is a great choice if the CEO has experience marketing & knows “where to go”

$17,395.00 per month

Option B – Billed Monthly:

A great choice if the CEO brings deep engineering skills to the business table, but lacks marketing experience

$21,750.00 per month

Option C – Billed Monthly:

Prescription for early stage software companies suffering from “solution without a problem” dis-ease

$27,195.00 per month

Option D – Billed Monthly

If you need a temporary Vice President of Sales and Marketing, thenĀ  this one is for you:

$31,995.00 per month