Implement Sales Methods that are Appropriate for Targeted Markets to Ensure Success

Software Sales teams targeting enterprise businesses and other large groups of users in the public or not-for-profit sectors can spend months, even years (if funding is available) wandering in a desert of low productivity that results in few, if any Read more ›

What Constitutes a Valuable Sales Lead?

An important job for anyone in a sales management position is to define what “valuable” means with regard to leads. Not all leads are the same. Some leads will be very valuable. But other leads will have little value. Therefore, Read more ›

Rank sales leads by value while tracking position in your lead maturity cycle to obtain a realistic picture of opportunities

We use a lead ranking system built on: Lead Value and Lead Maturity, meaning the position of a lead in a specific lead maturity cycle We implement our lead ranking system to provide clients with a realistic picture of sales Read more ›