Business owners save money with a pivot to remote work

What’s the missing catalyst to transform digital transformation projects from losers to winners? Saving money. When business owners save money with a pivot to remote work the reasons to stick with the required changes become much more compelling. The pandemic Read more ›

Getting Solutions Ready to Deliver Immediate Value Takes Serious Preparation

In a recent conversation with a customer I was introduced to the notion of “immediate value” as a reason to implement a solution to enable digital transformation (DT). This customer was explaining to me why the organization had decided not Read more ›

Exploitation and Exploration – a Modern Spin on Hunters and Farmers

In their book Lead and Disrupt: How to Solve the Innovator’s Dilemma, Charles A. O’Reilly (Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business) and Michael Tushman present a number of case studies of “ambidextrous” managers running organizations built Read more ›

End users benefit from in-context access to tech training content when new computing platforms are implemented

Adoption initiatives accompany almost any type of platform change for enterprise computing consumers. These projects are so common a whole industry developed around them. Back in the 1990s the business was referred to as “business process re-engineering”. Today the same Read more ›

Apple is likely to hit serious headwinds rolling out two innovations

Update: as of Monday morning, October 27, 2014, Bloomberg reported CVS had joined Rite-Aid in nixing Apple Pay Apple doesn’t appear to have a lot of history successfully accomplishing change management campaigns, but, in this writer’s opinion, two recently debuted Read more ›