Risk Management Related Tech is Popular With Today’s VCs

We comment on a story written by Jared Council, titled “Enterprise-Tech Startups Focused on Risk, Security, Attract Venture Dollars“. Key takeaways: BigID secured financing from SAP S.E. in 2017, prior to the current VC round. Council’s story includes clues about Read more ›

Frequency and intensity of successful malicious exploits of online data call for a pooling of information between impacted parties

When hackers obtain otherwise legitimate credentials to online sites and the data repositories they contain, the likelihood of success for their efforts to depart with data they do not own is much greater — perhaps unstoppable. Therefore it makes sense Read more ›

Online businesses looks to be on course for a negative event of even greater magnitude — stay tuned

It is one thing to lose something of great value while covered by a comprehensive insurance policy, and quite another to be in the same position, albeit without the coverage. So adding the insurance policy looks to be a no-brainer, Read more ›

Further Comments on Ginni Rometty’s Keynote at Mobile World Congress, 2014

During the last 15 minutes of Ginni Rometty’s Keynote Presentation at Mobile World Congress, 2014, some viewers may catch how IBM is branding its Watson Cognitive system as a modern mainframe computer. Rometty also underpinned some skeptical comments about cloud Read more ›

U.S. Financial Services Continue to Scramble for an Effective Operational Risk Management Methodology

Very large financial services businesses based in the United States continue to struggle as they seek to implement genuinely effective operational risk management methods to safeguard the integrity of mission critical applications. In late 2012 J.P. Morgan disclosed a substantial Read more ›