EMail Marketing for Small to Medium Sized Businesses Shows Some Troubling Signs of Diminished Usefulness

My recent experience, on behalf of clients, tells me email marketing remains one of the most important online promotional tools available to Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs), here in the US. But I’ve noted some technical limitations, which lead Read more ›

Early Stage ISVs Can Use email2lead from netFactor To Rapidly Add Business Information for Website Visitors Produced by eMail Campaigns

Emerging technology businesses, and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), in particular, often operate with a small group of staff members who are comfortable multi-tasking between administrative, sales and support requirements. Email campaigns are a popular promotional method for these businesses. But Read more ›

Recommended Activities to Support Social Engagement and eMail Messaging

Outbound eMail Messaging Periodic announcements, including press releases, invitations to webinars/seminars/conferences, white papers, etc can be legitimately followed with unsolicited telephone calls to email recipients. These calls need to be scripted to either repeat the announcement, to solicit attendance, or Read more ›

Social, Search Engine and eMail Marketing Strategies to Develop Valuable Sales Leads

Incoming eMail Inquiries Where online public branding is correctly aligned with marketing strategy, incoming email inquiries about products and/or services constitute highly valuable leads. The catch, obviously, is to ensure that the planned transparency has been achieved, the right message Read more ›