Once Qualification Criteria have been Established Lead Generation Efforts Should be Separated from Sales Efforts

Product marketers for complex software products targeted at enterprise customers need to provide sales and lead generation teams with a prospect profile. These teams need to use the prospect profile to build separate prospect qualification procedures. The rationale for separating Read more ›

Enterprise IT ISVs with Pure Cloud Solutions for Regulated Industries Need to Focus on Specific Groups to Ensure Success

If it makes sense to lead with an on premise solution for enterprise IT prospects picked from heavily regulated industries, then it makes even more sense for pure cloud enterprise IT ISVs to carefully qualify contacts before expending significant resources Read more ›

Share Topics and Use Discussion Groups to Further Qualify Prospects as You Work on the Complex Sale

As I noted in an earlier post, the “Share” feature of typical Social Media (like Google+) delivers useful benefits to marketers working on the complex sale. Present appropriate and engaging topics germane to your product or solution to attract the Read more ›