Enterprise IT ISVs must Plan on Constant Market Price Pressure as an Important Factor on Recurring Revenue Product Models

Professor Willy C. Shih, in an interview aired on November 29, 2012 on Bloomberg TV Surveillance faults Kodak (and other manufacturers of modern cameras) for, effectively, ceding control over manufacturing of the durable component of their camera system products over Read more ›

Parallels Between the Modern Mass Market Camera and Enterprise IT Software are Worth Considering for ISVs

For those readers who are unfamiliar with the modern camera business we need to point out that the camera, itself, represents the durable component of the product model. We should note that there are many segments to the market for Read more ›

Enterprise IT ISVs Should Commit Equal Resources to Managing Durable and non Durable Components of Products

We have spent sometime over the last few posts to this blog discussing what we refer to as a “razorblade” product development strategy. The purpose of this strategy is to equip an enterprise ISV business with a method of building Read more ›