A Disciplined Application of Coordinated Promotional Campaigns with Direct Telephone Contact is an Optimum Strategy for Enterprise IT ISVs

It makes little sense for enterprise IT ISVs to maintain daily telemarketing outreach efforts without a promotional component. In our experience, the best return from efforts is to be obtained from coordinated campaigns that include a promotional component in the Read more ›

To Connect or not to Connect Your Sales effort with Your Survey Lead Generation Program

We think it is mandatory to identify business sponsorship to any/all participants in a survey effort for lead generation. This point is simply a courteous example of professionalism. Further, once survey participants have made the connection between the firm conducting Read more ›

Lead Generation Programs Should Produce Opportunity Rich Meetings for Sales Teams

Tech innovators focused on selling products and/or services to enterprise businesses and other large groups of users in the public sector should establish metrics to gauge the value delivered from lead generation programs. We think that recording the number of Read more ›

What Constitutes a Valuable Sales Lead?

An important job for anyone in a sales management position is to define what “valuable” means with regard to leads. Not all leads are the same. Some leads will be very valuable. But other leads will have little value. Therefore, Read more ›