Applying Complex Selling Techniques to IT Commodity Products

The same principles of complex sales can be applied to selling technology commodities like PCs, servers, printers, routers, etc. to enterprise customers with high value results. When prospects are permitted an opportunity from an initial conversation (and thereafter) to endorse Read more ›

On the Need for Enterprise Sales Staff to Play the Role of Diagnosticians

In 2012 it is essential that sales planning for IT products and services targeted to enterprise businesses and other large organizations in the public and not-for-profit sectors allocate as much time as required for the compilation of a comprehensive diagnostic Read more ›

The Importance of Track Record to Successful Repeat Business with Enterprise Class Businesses

It’s absolutely essential that your first successful sales into enterprise class business prospects are completely successful for your customers. Whether you’re placing a piece of computer hardware into Clorox, or you’ve just closed a complex sale of hardware, software and Read more ›

Always Postpone Prospect Meetings When Unknown Participants Decide to Joint

Complex sales for enterprise customers invariably include discussions, and meetings with a number of contacts from the prospective business. A decision to purchase a complex product is rarely, if ever, made unilaterally within these businesses. Therefore, when otherwise unknown contacts Read more ›