Transforming Poor Product Performance for Enterprise IT Software Into Opportunities – Insulate Core Revenue

Enterprise IT ISVs with poor performing products can use these products as the basis of new, and likely to be more promising, opportunities to develop products for these same markets. The first requirement, obviously, is to take the required steps Read more ›

Maintaining a familiarity with marketplace perceptions of software technologies targeted to enterprise business must be Standard Operating Procedure

If your business has an offering in a complex market for enterprise business software like business intelligence (BI), it behooves you to maintain an ear to the ground to collect marketplace perceptions of your product category. In turn, your marketing Read more ›

Peculiarities of marketing software to large groups in the public and private sectors

A radically different computing era was ushered in around 1985 with the advent of the so-called personal computer. Pertinent to this post is the observation that the personal computing era was characterized by a shift from cloud computing resources (in Read more ›